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blackwave Blackwave (age unknown) was a great friend to many people and involved in many projects. Last seen December 2003 with his post on Irvine Underground canceling his attendance at the groups event signed it saying 'see you in 2004' He has never been seen or heard from since then. His girlfriend FReCKLeS has also vanished, their location is unknown but the community feels that the two of them are alright still. Blackwave registered this domain, which he later let expire, in order to keep the domain from being snagged by a porn hijacker it was registered and dedicated to him if he returns.

bw could not be forgotten all his work put into projects and the community was priceless and uncountable. His signiture as seen on forums is '-=bw=-'

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blackwave frequently asked questions

Q. Where is blackwave?
A. Blackwave has disappeared, all contact to blackwave has been cut off. All e-mail addresses have been disconnected. Blackwave is MIA, his last posting on the Internet was in December 2003.

Q. Who was blackwave?
A. Blackwave was an unique individual who put a lot of time and energy into projects he believed in. Blackwave was active with and put a lot of time into the wardriving community amongst others. Any project he touched he brought life to and was able to accelerate any project he was working on. Although blackwave was very involved in projects he believed in he was also a very private person.

Q. What did blackwave keep in his fanny pack?
A. blackwave's fanny pack was his toolbelt where he carried all his mysterious toys, including his iPaq he used for wardriving.

Q. What is blackwave's e-mail?
A. To anyone's knowledge all e-mail addresses have been discontinued, all domains owned have expired. (This is how this domain was obtained) No e-mail is known for blackwave, the blue haired hacker.

FReCKLeS and Blackwave Q. Is blackwave alright?
A. We hope he is alright, he prepared his disappearance so this leads people who knew him to believe that he is alright and just moved on with life. I hope he is fine and maybe one day be contacted by him again.

Q. Why did blackwave disappear?
A. Although there is no reason why he left the scene there is speculation, for his privacy that wont be discussed.

Q. Who runs
A. Freaky of Irvine Underground hosts this website, it is online as a dedication to blackwave and all his work and contributions to the community.

blackwave projects

These are projects blackwave was involved in both finished, unfinished and ongoing.

Def Con - WarDriving Contest
Wardriving is Not a Crime - T-Shirts and Legal Information Website - - Lock Picking and Lock Security Discussion Forum -
Irvine Underground - Executive Member - Now Retired (MIA)
Blackwave's Hair Dye Kung Fu mini-tutorial.
Worldwide WarDrive - WWWD

Letters to blackwave

These are letters written to blackwave posted by name, alias and anonymously in hopes one day he may see them. To submit a letter to blackwave e-mail them to or post them thru this form.

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